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  1. Skiddo Racing

    Petition to make Skiddo Racing a mini-game, or a spin-off game.

    Make it a Nintendo Shop exclusive. Maybe you can pick your Pokémon, and get items depending on position in the race/time it took to complete the race. Have it be single player or multiplayer, depending on the player's choice, and make it compatible with Pokémon X & Y. Maybe even compatible with Pokémon Bank; and have us race with our own Pokémon.
  2. Pokémon White 2 Random Party Challenge Part 5 - Castelia Sewers

    Certainly been a while, hasn't it?

    To remind everyone, my party consists of:

    And you can find the first post explaining what this is here. ...
  3. Shiny Amaura

    So I was hatching Amaura eggs for Wonder Trade, when I hatched a Shiny!

    I almost couldn't tell him apart from a normal Amaura. It's Shiny is beautiful!

    Updated 19th November 2013 at 02:40 PM by Kyuuketsuki

  4. Friend Safari

    I have no idea what is in my Friend Safari, so would anyone be willing to help me out? I considered posting in that Friend Code thread, but it doesn't seem to be the appropriate place for this.

    My FC is 3969-5002-2681, and my name is Kyuu. Anyone willing to help?
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  5. Shiny Pokémon!

    In addition to the shiny Hoppip I got through a Horde Encounter, I found two more shiny Pokémon.

    He was while I was chaining something for the scientist guy at Sycamore's laboratory. I went into the first patch of grass and found a Pancham, not what he asked for, so I killed it to get some experience, thinking I should just run around to get some other Pokémon. The second patch of rustling grass that I meant to ignore had ...
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