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Where randomness come to play with itself.

  1. Meaningless Updates

    by , 30th March 2013 at 10:23 PM (Soso's Territory)
    Because I am so self-involved, I feel the need to have you all aware of exactly what is going on with my life. I'm at 150 eggs for a Shiny Venipede, and it is still not showing up. I am also going through my second cycle of trades with Yancy, which is boring so far. I finished Season 1 of Revenge, and will start Carnivàle; I own both seasons of Carnivàle, and I only watched the first episode. I liked it immensely, and I have high hopes for this show. I also got two reviews that boosted my spirits. ...
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  2. New Types

    by , 9th March 2013 at 06:55 PM (Soso's Territory)
    Now that people are obsessing over new types, it's time I come up with my own, because I'm important.

    Earth: Torterra will be that type.
    Wood: Pokémon that live in the forest will have that type.
    Mist: Because we need it.
    Plant: Pokémon that are based on plants will have that type.
    Whisper: Pokémon that are quite.
    Scream: For loud Pokémon.
    Blind: Pokémon that don't have eyes.
    Stupid: If the Pokémon has low IQ.
    Smart: If the Pokémon ...
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  3. Conspiracy

    by , 10th October 2012 at 04:46 AM (Soso's Territory)
    According to Bulbapedia, a certain book that was released before Red & Green were released in Japan titled Satoshi Tajiri: New Game Design had 156 pages. Generation V introduced 156 Pokémon. You know exactly what that means. There is no need for me to say it at all, so I won't.

    Conspiracies. They're everywhere.
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  4. Blue Exorcist

    by , 26th April 2012 at 07:23 PM (Soso's Territory)
    I read Volume 1 of Blue Exorcist a few days ago, and it was amazing. Why have I not heard of this series before?

    I'm getting Volume 2 whenever a copy that matches my picky standards becomes available.
  5. Totally Predicted The Sequels!

    by , 26th February 2012 at 02:38 AM (Soso's Territory)
    In heart of Satoshi-kun's 'New Pokemon Games Are Making My Butt Hurt!' blog, I think I should point out that I totally predicted two games instead of one.

    As seen here: Feat your eyes!

    Now, I know you'll say that I just got lucky, and that the vast majority of my predictions that didn't come true mean that my future predictions will still not be credible, but you're wrong. I was obviously right, and that obviously means that everything I ever say will always be right. ...
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