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Saw this ad the other day...

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I just saw a TV advertisement two days back which carried the message, "Save trees, save paper. Save paper, use Mobile Phones."
The first part was okay, we all hear this every second day. About the second part...

First I thought they were jokin'. It sounded humorous to me. Next edition of the ad, I saw they were actually serious. I thought, wow, here's a nice way to save paper(I'm quite thoughtful about these things). We do have the technology to use the mobile everywhere that we use paper, like readin' the daily newspaper on your phone via the Net, send SMSes instead of postin' letters, use the phone to show the menu cards in restaurants, even use the mobile phone to type out notices(and send them via e-mail) and criminal sentences, etc.

Then there was this latest edition of the ad. Use the mobile phone to deliver cash. When payin' the grocer, transfer money into his account via phone banking. Do your homework on the phone, instead of exercise books. Use MMSes(Multimedia Messages) for election campaigning, actually for any sort of advertising instead of pamphlets.

I was like, WTF? Just imagine your teacher demanding a written application for prolonged leave, and you giving it to him using e-mail or SMS. Wake up in the morning to find yourself busy cleaning your inbox which would be full of ads trying to notify you of a 30% discount in the farthest mall from your home. Paying the grocer by transferring money into his bank account(lol) and submitting your presentation to the boss via another SMS.....

Just in case anyone was wondering, the advertisement was from a mobile phone service provider.

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