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  1. No one noticed, but...

    The Artisan's Gallery now has 100 threads.

    This calls for a celebration!


    Also, the Land of the Rising Sun now has 500 threads!
  2. A good Omen?

    by , 24th February 2010 at 07:30 AM (I need to give this a title)
    While starting out for school today, I saw a cool brown coloured monkey (Idk which species, you nerds) with a PARTY bald head(it looked hilarious)ON A litter bin. Its really rare to see one in the city, so you may say I was lucky(?) to see one.

    []What it was trying to do is unclear(not that I fucking care) and I was getting late, too bad I couldn't stay there and watch it and have a popcorn or go towards it and drive it away.[/]

    Yeah, came back home, Mom asks the same ...
  3. How can this little cutie scare you?

    by , 22nd February 2010 at 06:22 PM (I need to give this a title)

    Been exactly 47 mins since I updated my avatar and 2 users say this creeps them out. I mean it's such a nice, beautiful thing!
  4. Some nice quotes from historical leaders

    Okay, some of them may not be quite familiar, but I found them suitable.

    "Even the tallest tower begins with the first stone."
    King Hamurabbi, Babylon

    "There are so many worlds, and I have not yet conquered even one."
    Alexander the Great

    "If I had the power to remake the world.... ahh, but that is folly."
    Mao Tse-Sung, China

    "One clear example is worth more than a warehouse full of ...

    Updated 29th January 2010 at 04:32 PM by Dopey

  5. I hate the number 503

    Just a 'test' blog to get off the 13 blog entries mark. Yeah.
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