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Yall Actually /Like/ Nuzlockes?

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With Drawings: Stupid "Reaction Shot HURR HURR" garbage that belongs on /tr/.

Pure Text: Like a mediocre [I]Nethack[/I] ascension run at best and boring/unreadable at worse.

Like, with the original, if you were the kinda bro who watched [I]Lost[/I] weekly for 5 years I guess you could enjoy it for the references but what about Human Beings/the rest of you? Any good ones out there 4 reel?

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  1. Blastoise's Avatar
    For me it's

    The sheer number of them + the fact that Pokemon is not a spectator sport + it's a challenge that is better off experienced than watched = IT'S LIKE I'M REALLY BORED AS SHIT
  2. RexRacer's Avatar
    Yeah, it seems like every other blog is "my nuzlocke part 15". I'm really doubting anyone other than the author cares. At all.
  3. Spool's Avatar
    hey rex is that the gay guy from [I]Malcolm in the Middle[/I] in your avatar.
  4. NyaChan's Avatar
    The ones with stories are actually worth the read IMO. Though by no means are the purely comedic ones bad either. Sure there's bunches of REACTIONS IMAGES LOLOL, but there are some really good runs. I kind of don't get why you complain about the reaction images because you can find a reaction image in just about anything anyways. :/ Not to mention your comment of it belonging at /tr/? Did you forget where this started? :V Though /tr/ only really cares about Hale's, Robot's and sometimes Nuzlocke's runs (I'M IN LOW TIER, AW YEAH).

    But eh, this is coming from someone who's been working 4 months on a Nuzlocke comic/story. Though the challenge is kind of not the point of the comic, but merely a component of the story. The challenge is there, but the point is to tell the story of Lily's trainer journey, with the deaths affecting her as a character.

    If you want any suggestions, from the ones on the main page (as I assume you don't have a forum account and it's on and off with guest access for some reason I still don't get)... Well, if you want story definitely take a look at Hale's (should be updated on the site with the last 5 pages soon). Robot's is kind of reaction image-y sometimes, similarly for Notepad's (referenced by the character's name, Freddie), but both of those are at least worth taking a look into, the art is really good (and if a certain death in Notepad's doesn't make you tear up, you clearly aren't reading it right). I like Robojuice's (Kotone's HeartGold Super Show) cause it's funny, but if you don't like the "HERP DERP REACTION IMAGES" it's prolly not your cup of tea even if hers does have a loose story. And honestly, Nuzlocke's comic is actually more story-centric these days too.

    ... I could plug mine too but I won't. :V (ohwait I kind of did right there didn't I... uhhh whatever)

    ...damn this comment is long.
  5. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Spool
    hey rex is that the gay guy from Malcolm in the Middle in your avatar.
    You're half right. He was never in Malcom.