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University Tours [University of Cambridge]

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University of Cambridge

So the town is pretty small. Its a University-town, extremely small. It was an okay-ish place. I didn't like it too much. The architecture is brilliant, the location is good. I like the place physically. They have a nice river, which I enjoyed riding through.
Some interesting facts about the place were learnt through it. Funny punters there. So Cambridge has brought out a LOT of famous people.

So it has the same system as Oxford. It has fewer colleges. Not much difference in comparison to Oxford.

Subject Choices
It has a strong sciences and Biology departments, so that's something nice. I'll probably consider that aspect.

Ghost-town, village-esque place.
That's all

I didn't really like the place in terms of 'the place' in terms of quality of education, that's good. So its a pro and a con, I don't really know what to do, but lets see.
So I'd give the place:

Next Stop: London 15th and part of 16th June.

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University Tours


  1. The Outrage's Avatar
    So I saw your list, wow, you're actually going around so many places for tours?

    I go to a university with a college system as well, I still don't get it, though judging by your previous explanation of college systems at Oxford, I can say my university's college system is certainly crap and only exists to make administration easier. I mean, its the student unions that actually do anything to make things better for students.

    Anyway, since you're touring, I'm assuming you're planning to live on campus, so in terms of liking 'the place', I'd say don't only choose a university based on the quality of education, but also the general 'feel' of it since you're living there. Your list of universities seem to all be top-tier, so the name attached to your degree will always look good. Yeah, that shouldn't be a reason to choose a university, but you know how people are.


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