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University Tours (Locations)

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by , 1st June 2011 at 11:00 AM (310 Views)
Locations of the places I'm going to visit:


  • Oxford
  • Cambridge

    United States of America:
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • MIT
  • Harvard

  • McGill

    So if you're around those places or something feel free to post here. I'm also going to be visiting a few other cities, not universities
  • London
  • Boston

Dates will come later, since we need to finalize them. So yup Blog #2.

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University Tours


  1. ~Sir Haruko~'s Avatar
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    Wow, that's a lot of places XD. I hope you find the one that's perfect for you though.
  2. DCM's Avatar
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    I live in Boston. Let me know when you're visiting, I'll try to take time off of work to say hello


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