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Unova Starters

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This isn't about bagging on the names of the starters. Because believe it or not, I kinda like them, though it's gonna take some getting used to.

I just wanted to say I noticed something. Magically coincidentally, but noteworthy to me. It's that every time there's a big reveal, Snivy gets the cool schtick, Oshawott gets the bizarre hated schtick that ends up being liked later, and Tepig gets teh stick that makes you say "...meh..."

BIG STARTER COROCORO REVEAL IN MAY(?) Tsutarja, the cool looking snake, earning the name SMUGLEAF and memeing it up in it's smuggy epicness. Then we get Pokabu which isn't great but isn't bad. It's kinda cute but just there. Then we get the herpyderpy what-in-the-hell-were-they-smoking Mijumaru who receives a wide range of reactions which ultimately ends in people LOVING our cute little otterwash.

Janovy/Jalorda, Chaobuu/Enbuoh, Futach/Daikenki reveal. A lot of the fandumm didn't believe it (BUT I DID XD) because they're dreams of their epic grass dragon, flaming quadrupedal bacon boar, and they're samurai sword-wielding otterman were destroyed. But turns out, they're real! When the craziness died down, Jalorda was easily the most liked at the time. Enbuoh was just yeck because of Fire/Fighting and it's bipedal Ganon-ism. And then Daikenki made people go oshaWHAT?? looking like some weird otter/sealion/shell/samurai?/narwhal/unicorn/pickle hybrid

AND Now here on Nov.22, we have the English starter name reveal. Snivy is cool. Fan-prediction. Direct translation. Not too ugly.
Tepig. Weird. Doesn't seem like a name you could associate with a Pokemon. Smugleaf would have been a MUCH better name for it...But it'll grow on to me eventually.
Oshawott. ... ... ... WE WILL BE TR0LLED NO LONGER!!!

Yeah. Pattern. Slivy is always awesome. Tepig needs some work. Ottawosh is driving me nuts here and shows the trollololism that is Gamefreak.
I personally like ALL of them, but have a soft spot for Tepig. Though not so keen on his evolutions. Is it just me that notices this? Am I looking too much into it?

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