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  1. Normal-type Reviews: Furfrou

    We're back for the Normal-type reviews, and today we're going to focus on Furfrou, a Pokémon whose fur could be styled in various ways! If you are ready with this one, please proceed.

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  2. vote for fav Flying types

    Vote here: Flying-type Bracket | Pokémon TCG: XY—Roaring Skies
    BTWS Zeb Ledian is winning 73%
    Charzard is overkilling 75% over Ninjask, I think Charizard is going to win this whole thing
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails screenshot_112.png   screenshot_112.jbg.png  
  3. Boredom Result: Team Theme Explanation

    *Can't tell if this isn't loading for just me, or if I messed it up, it's the same pic as in my sig.

    It's once again time for a bit of creative writing designing a thing in the pokemon world. For this installation, I got the idea looking at my trainer card and thinking on the roles each pokemon would have in the theme I based the team off of.
    Without Further Ado:
    Cliffside Castle

    When creating my team, I picked a ...
  4. Crappypasta: My Haunted MGS 3

    Once upon a time I was wondering around the deep end of the Internet and saw a website called Crappypasta.com, I was not surprised that I was not the only uncreative being to come up with that name, I entered the website and got scared to death with the awfulness... But I continued, because I'm an idiot, until I found "My Haunted MGS 3", now I can't go back there without remember the horribleness of that Crappypasta...
    First of all... What's up with that name? It seems like this is going ...

    Updated 7th May 2015 at 01:51 PM by AleksMTE

    Crappypasta , Metal Gear Solid
  5. I'm getting nervous

    It just goes to show that I've gotten used to a ton of work. It's close to the end of the school year, and I'm honestly doing great. I'm making high grades in all my classes, and the stuff we're learning is really easy compared to the crud during February. From what I can see, everything is smooth sailing from here and I don't have much to do besides get ready for finals.

    It's making me anxious. I'm not worried about the finals; like I said, my grades are pretty much at an all-time ...
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