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Random stuff.

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by , 20th March 2010 at 01:05 PM (419 Views)
So I touched my JP Pearl again. Mostly cause I want it beat and to find out if it can access the surf glitch. Anyone know what's the average date the copies that had that stopped being distributed? I'll still Arceus my way through the E4 to get myself another :B: over at the backloggery, but it would be nice to know if I should expect to get the glitch or not.

Since I felt I was moving way to fast through US HG, I also took up the new Touhou game, 12.5: Double Spoiler. I managed to clear all of level 3 this morning after cursing at Kisume a while. So far, best spell card goes to Kogasa's "Over the Rainbow" spell card in 3-5. Here's a picture~

It wasn't too hard to figure out how to clear it (photo part of the rainbow, dash through and repeat), it just required a bit of practice to finally execute it properly. I'm still not sure how I'm pretty good at the StB kind of games, since me and memorizing and dodging bullet patterns don't mix well in the main danmaku games. xD But I guess I shouldn't complain, the fact I make it pretty far in these is nice. The only main danmaku touhou game I've 1cc'd is TH08: Imperishable Night. OTL I haven't finished StB, but ah well. :P DS is cool and fun and I kind of want to work to unlock Hatate. xD Hatate looks cool, I like the idea of a cellphone camera like thing for her as well.

When my sister gets back in a few, we'll play some pokéthlons since she wants to evolve her Togetic to an togekiss after I suggested it for her team and I can easily get the points to buy the Shiny stone off the pokéthlon dome.

Other things~ My mom's bringing home a diary/notebook thing for me today. This summer I'm going to write in Japanese in it a few times a week so I don't forget what I've learned. I think I'll also try and teach myself more kanji.

Aaaand~ Tomorrow I talk to my dad about the details involved with my school's study abroad program for Japan. I hope to be able to go for the full year study in my junior year, though there is the matter of money. Hopefully I can also get a scholarship to cover for it since it's expensive. The nice thing is I'm able to take classes while I'm there since my college does their study abroad stuff with a university in Japan so I should be able to fill some requirements for my major/minor while in Japan. I really do hope I'm able to go~

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