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  1. No way.

    Was talking to someone about how "whoa charizard and Blastoise are SHORT" and I looked over to my Pearl game which I'm trying to find something in and realized Hikari/Dawn is only a few inches shorter and a bit lighter than me. It got me thinking if Kotone/lyra were different, so I booted up my US HG.

    I am practically the same height and weight as Kotone. WUT.

    yeeeah. 4'11" and 90.4lb, that's just about right.

    Also, two more Nuzlocke Comics: ...
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  2. While I should totally work on that paper due tomorrow...

    I did this instead:

    Go on, tell me that they look so vastly different even though all I did was recolor the stupid sprite. >T

    *is so sick of this stupid kris =/= kotone shit* Kotone is a redesign of Kris, get over it people.
  3. You guys must be bored of my photoshops of logos but...

    I took the MindCrystal edit and did this:

    Old suicune art is old.

    Doing these things though, I've noticed quite a few tiny things that changed from the box covers. Like the Pokéwalker image is higher up on the english box. Also, the Japanese seem to put the Wi-Fi logo on the lower half while the US releases put it on the upper half. Also, it amuses me that ESRB must always inform you ...
  4. If there's anything that sucks about the slots being gone...

    it's that everyone is missing out on the cute chubby Pikachu that Smeargle paints when you line up Pikachus. xD

    I mean, you can't deny its cuteness. x3

    I have a video of the slots, but it's still uploading. I guess I'll edit later with it.

    By the waaaaay, to all those who say you can't win anything on slots: I manage a set of 7s on average every 10 minutes I play, which then ...

    Updated 31st March 2010 at 06:03 PM by NyaChan

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  5. Random stuff.

    So I touched my JP Pearl again. Mostly cause I want it beat and to find out if it can access the surf glitch. Anyone know what's the average date the copies that had that stopped being distributed? I'll still Arceus my way through the E4 to get myself another :B: over at the backloggery, but it would be nice to know if I should expect to get the glitch or not.

    Since I felt I was moving way to fast through US HG, I also took up the new Touhou game, 12.5: Double Spoiler. I managed to ...
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