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Posts relating to my life outside of Pokemon.

  1. I just... don't know what to think.

    A few hours ago I saw a friend of mine having trouble with finding a good translator for something. I didn't realize what it was until she posted a note on Facebook. She spoke to "Mugimeshi" from Japan a bit it seems, and recently got an e-mail from him. I immediately started reading and sat down and looked up everything I had to so I could translate this for her. Not the best translation but this is about what was said:
    It’s been a long time, hasn’t it <her name> ^q^
  2. Here's another dump

    Nuzlocke Comics

    Chapter 17: Not-So-Swift Escape
    Chapter 18: Fantastic Myths
    Chapter 19: Poison and Burn
    Chapter 20: Storytime

    Chapter 21 is in progress.

    Also, I got Black version last weekend (FINALLY, PlayAsia was starting to worry me!), been pounding through that. Pretty happy with my trainer name too, Shikuro, a combination of Shiro (White) and Kuro (Black). :> Playing as Touya because Touko is yuck.

    Friends in ...
    Cosplay , Life , NUZLOCKE!!
  3. Something funny from Japanese class

    besides the hysterical audio for the listening comprehension stuff.

    We learned the kanji for 安い (yasui, cheap). A class mate asked "Why is the kanji for 'woman' (女) in the kanji for 'cheap'?"

    xD Our professor said she wasn't sure.

    EDIT: here, have another from today's class.

    Today we learned the verb できる (dekiru, to make [into existence]), which sounds IDENTICAL to the potential form of する (suru, to do). So a classmate ...

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  4. Another Video Game Dream...?

    This makes three in a row. ._. I have no idea what they're saying because I barely remember them, but so far I've had the following dreams:

    BlazBlue, not sure if it was Calamity Trigger or Continuum Shift. All I remember is some character select screen (which I vaguely remember it looking like Soul Calibur's, not BB's), picking Noel, and then playing Noel a bit.

    Pokémon, though I'm not really sure what it had to do with pokémon, there weren't any pokémon involved. ...
  5. So I applied for the FF14 beta.

    I know I dissed it cause it's like "another MMO already? sheesh SE." But at the same time, back when FF11 came out I had wanted to play it. Thing was, I was younger then so I didn't have any source of income besides a small amount of money my parents gave me as allowance and they had some control over that and were pretty much like "no, we're not paying for FF11" so I never got to play. And now with FF14 it's like the same thing except I can, you know, pay for it and not have ...
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