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  1. Random stuff.

    So I touched my JP Pearl again. Mostly cause I want it beat and to find out if it can access the surf glitch. Anyone know what's the average date the copies that had that stopped being distributed? I'll still Arceus my way through the E4 to get myself another :B: over at the backloggery, but it would be nice to know if I should expect to get the glitch or not.

    Since I felt I was moving way to fast through US HG, I also took up the new Touhou game, 12.5: Double Spoiler. I managed to ...
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  2. Obligatory Christmas Entry

    Yup, yup, I've got all my major presents now, so I'm here to say everything. :P

    First from my direct family:
    --DS Lite (Blue)
    --USB Wi-Fi Adapter
    --HGSS OST
    --Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
    --5,000 yen for PSN

    The USB Adapter works like a charm and I've got my friend codes for most of my games now. The HGSS OST is spectacular, and I really do love the Pokéball artworks on the discs. Really cute. Explorers of Sky is fun, but I haven't ...
  3. "That Guy With The Glasses" review of PKMN Movie 1

    Well, a friend on Facebook sent me this, and I found it rather amusing.

    Pokemon: The First Movie Review
    I mean it. Just saying it as a forewarning.

    Though I don't really get how it can fit in the Nostalgia Critic since Nostalgia is kinda implied here, and not seeing it before means there's no nostalgia. *shrugs* But, I found the video itself hilarious though, but I should have ignored the comments. >_<;

    Updated 22nd November 2009 at 02:03 AM by NyaChan

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  4. Finally beat Cynthia

    ...in Pearl. Damn I'm slow. =3= Finally took the time to kick the crap out of her so I could see all the pokemon and get my National Dex. Began Pal Parking things over, will do it with the stupid limit, it's not like I have much else to do. Going to dump my FR, Sapphire, and Emerald once everything's been Pal Park'd up.

    Also borrowed my sister's DS to catch Spiritomb in both my US and JP Pearl versions. Named it "Stay Puft" (Ghost Busters reference) in US Pearl and "108" ...