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Short and to the point--great for readers on the go. Mr. Snippy
"HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA" Final Fantasy X Angad
That's what she said. Akaiyo
Here's a quote from meh. Gligar13
You want quotes? Genuine quotes you will get. Some of these are pretty awesome xD
Pokemad was the necropolice. He never did anything and ignored me when I asked if he was still playing. Megaman
Black and Yellow nor Pokemad said anything... xD Did I miss something? Mintaka
Pokemad: Why are you voting me? We need to talk privately. All I know is we started talking and you refused to talk to me after some point.

Pokemad: I don't like your play at all, but since I talked to you I know you are (probably) clean. Try to make educated votes. I think your vote on Umeko had very little basis and your vote on me is even worse.

Mij+pokemad+profyew is the stupidest three consecutive posts i've seen. Nothing on Mij, he had a reason, but Pokemad and proffesor Yew didn't even acknowledge that they knew why they were voting. All from Coolking

Not exactly a compelling defense from Pokemad... Umeko

I don't remember Pokemad giving me orders...xD Mintaka

Um... I didn't want Pokemad dead. I wanted to get some discussion started. Oops. CW

Pokemad, the perv's gone.
I didn't defend Pokemad. hurristat

Wait, why exactly are people voting Pokemad?

baaaaaaaaannnnnnddddddwaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggoooooooooonnnnnnnn Synthesis

Vote: Pokemad

Should have done this earlier. Twiggy

lol Pokemad, you can't vote during a night phase. :P EpicYoshi

I am sure that Pokemad is our problem. Twiggy

it's a game, no need to go around saying someone is 'either mafia or a stupid innocenr", Pokemad. That says a lot to me about you. It really does. Synthesis

LOL Thanks Pokemad, this made me feel great about myself. CW


SO. Many. Quotes. I. Remember XD Synthєsis

  1. Made a new Facebook Account

    I had an account, but now I've made a new one, for my friends from bmgf. I put my name as Pokemad Simms, so as to not disclose my first name, just my last name.
  2. Help? (Girlfriend related)

    Ok, I'm friends with this girl at school, and I fancy her, but I don't think she feels the same way about me. I want to ask her out and I don't, because if I do and she says no I'll get embarrassed at school and it'll ruin our friendship. If I don't, I probably won't get a girlfriend, so BMG, what advice are you giving me here?
  3. Progress in Pokémon Platinum

    Still waiting to get Black, so here I am.

    Gym Badges: Oreburgh Badge

    Team (Highest level to Lowest):
    BananaHead (MONFERNO) Lv.18
    MACHOP Lv.16
    5H1NX Lv.13
    81D00F Lv.10
    P0NYT4 Lv.10
    FeatherBum (STARLY) Lv.10

    Eterna City

    More will be posted as I progress.
  4. April 4th - Daily Blog

    Hey guys and welcome to my first entry to the daily blog!

    Today was pretty boring. English, Geography, Break, Maths, R.E, Lunch then Art. Art was pretty annoying as always, we're doing portraits and me and my friend are still practising. It couldn't get worse, oh yes it could. I just remembered we've got house football matches tomorrow, I left my PE kit at school. How dead am I? Very. Let's hope I won't get killed when I get to school.

    Til' next time!

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