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Day 0 of 10

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Ok, if you didn't know, I'm having serious problems with my tonsils, and I may have tonsillitis. I've already taken one day off, and I've got another tomorrow.

Medication so far:
4-5 spoons of Buttercup Syrup
2 spoons of Calpol

The calpol's doing the trick at the moment, but like FullMetal said, "That suck Poké."

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  1. Mintaka's Avatar
    Medicine never tastes good, even those claiming to be sweet X_X

    Hope you feel well soon. Sometimes my tonsils swell when I have a bad flu and it's uncomfortable.
  2. Pokémad's Avatar
    Gotta take it til Tuesday. -_- Really disgusting.
  3. AlexandraTheZoroark's Avatar
    Hope you get well . I've had something similar, but with my ears. I was 2 years old with a bad ear infection. It got so bad, I had to have ear tubes put in my ears .


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