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World myths adapted my us!

Pavvy grabs Spurs lifeline!

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Tottenham started there champions league campaign against Swiss minnows Young boys, many claimed this was a easy way to the group stages but I always had my doubts, so, how did they fair in the comically named Wankdork stadium? Pretty shit.

Aaron Lennon lost his place to brillaint Mexican Giovani Santos, many wanted him on loan but he's found his feet, one big mistake.

In the first two minutes Young boys hit the post! Gome's was in no-mans land after a low shot wacked the post, good start! Two minutes later...ITS ONE NIL TO YOUNG BOYS! An off-side goal allowed, they entered a 3-0 score before the end of the half before Bassong grabbed a soft goal, 3-1 at the break, Roman Pavlychecnko ( Fail spelling ) My favourite striker was superb and grabbed a late one to make it 3-2.

Poor blog ;(

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