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World myths adapted my us!

I created this for some fun and I had no idea how popular this would be! Thank you for the views and keep reading!

  1. American myths: Ethan Allen.

    han Allen, the leader of the Green Mountain Boys, who defeated the British at Fort Ticonderoga, was known as a gruff-mannered, hard-drinking man. But Ethan Allen had a gallant streak which would exhibit itself in unexpected ways.

    Once, when visiting with one of his friends, who was a dentist, a woman came in with a terrible toothache. The dentist took a look at the tooth and told the woman it would have to be pulled. But the woman was terrified by the thought of having her tooth pulled, ...
  2. American myths: Attack of the Mammoth.

    Most of the fun Greek stuff had been covered so now I'm moving to American.

    (I think this is Canadian)

    A man and his family were constantly on the move, hunting for beaver. They traveled from lake to lake, stream to stream, never staying any place long enough for it to become a home. The woman sometimes silently wished that they would find a village and settle down somewhere with their little baby, but her husband was restless, and so they kept moving.

  3. Wandering of Dionysus adapted by KronosClownz.

    Once he had grown to manhood Dionysus decied to wander far and wide, including areas outside of greece. Where ever he went he taught men how to cultivate vines, and the mysteries of his cult. He was accepted until he returned to his own country of Thebes.
    As he journeyed back to greece he was spotted by pirates. He appeared to them as a rich young man. He might even be the son of a king. He certainly looked like his parents would pay a rich ransom for his safe return. Happy at their good ...
  4. Ba: Adapted by KronosClownz.

    The ba is one of the specific components of the human being as understood in Egyptian thought. In the New Kingdom, the ba was a spiritual aspect of the human being which survived - or came into being - at death. It was endowed with the person's individuality and personality. The ba occasionally revisited the tomb of the deceased, for the dead body was its rightful home.

    Animals were sometimes thought to be the bau (plural of ba) of deities. At Heliopolis, the bennu bird was ...
  5. Selene adapted by KronosClownz.

    Note: Selene is a female Titan.

    Selene, the moon goddess, is known for her countless love affairs. The most famous of her loves is the shepard Endymion. Other affairs of Selene's include involvement with Zeus with whom she had three daughters, and Pan who gave her a herd of white oxen. Some sources report that the Nemean lion, which fell to the earth from the moon was the result of an affair of Zeus and Selene. She was involved in many love affairs, however, not as many as her sister, ...
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