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  1. Essay #4

    So, I got my assignment for my fourth Essay. I feel as though I'll enjoy this one.

    I'm supposed to pick a movie or TV show that was released in the last 4 years and write about what the monsters in the aforementioned movie/TV show says about a group of people.

    I decided to go with Attack on Titan. Yes, you read right, Attack on Titan.

    If you still don't know, then here it is.

    Still not sure? Then ...
  2. May just give Etrian Mystery Dungeon a try

    Apparently it's harder than Pokemon, but way easier than some of the other entries in the megaseries that can only ride other series coattails. But hey, EO has good music, so there's that to consider.
  3. Disney memories - part 2

    Hi guys, welcome to the second part of my "Disney memories" installment, for more information on what is this about be sure to visit yesterday's entry.

    21. Robin Hood: In the Holy Week of 2002, a channel of my country did a special with 5 Disney movies, this was the third. The first part of the movie is very charming and funny, but the climax is somewhat boring.

    22. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: The franchise itself marked my childchood, due to 2 ...
  4. Funny Science Joke

    So, a chemistry student is working part-time at a sandwich store. Its a very quiet day, and the student is the only one working the store.

    Suddenly, a hungry man comes in. The man asks the student for a PB&J

    The student is surprised by this request - he doesn't normally make those kinds of sandwiches - but he goes to the kitchen and makes it anyway.

    The student brings the PB&J to the hungry man, who happily takes a bite.

    The next ...
  5. Fiction Fairground Crossover Drawing Project

    A lot of the writer people on this website have seen me discuss this idea in the writer's general chat thread, and I've decided to get it started and see if I follow through on it.

    I'm going to be drawing a series of pictures of people's characters from different pokemon fanfictions interacting. Right now the plan is for them to be at the beach having a summer fun day, because that would make it easy for me to draw the backgrounds. No promises that I'll actually finish any of this, ...

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