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Casual Cnidarian

We won :D

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It was soooo cold this morning at 7. Our float was the first to arrive. We spent an hour getting everything set up. After first period, it was time for the judging. After we all did our skits and stuff, we had to go back to class. During 4th period, we had to go back to the floats to set them back up to perform them during the pep rally. It was soooo windy today. After the judging, so much of our stuff was torn or blowing away in the wind. This whole experience was so much fun.

The Junior float won!

At the pep rally:

The Senior's float got "booed."

The Sophomore's float took awhile to get their music working.

The Freshmen's float was uninteresting.

I can dougie.

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  1. Buzz's Avatar
    That's so cool, good job!!


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