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Magical Carp

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by , 26th April 2011 at 03:38 PM (344 Views)
Magikarp is known as being one of the weakest and most abundant Pokémon in the Pokémon World. However, its Pokédex entries state that millions of years ago, it was much more powerful, like its evolution Gyarados. Why would Magikarp become weaker over those years, and how did it happen? This is what this blog post is going to try to find ot as it goes along.

Its Abundance (Warning! Sex content!)

Now, let's begin by explaining why Magikarp is so abundant.

As humans, females only produce one egg a month. This egg is microscopic, and when a male's sperm interacts with the egg, it will sometimes create an embryo, which will normally stay in the womb for nine months. This embryo will then become a baby. If the egg is not fertilized early enough, a woman will release it.

However, humans only produce one egg a month because we have evolved so much that we don't need more, as we don't need as much to survive. But some animals, like insects, lay hundreds of fertilized eggs at once as they need more children for survival. This is loosely related to "Survival of the Fittest", something closely involved with real evolution. So this might explain why Magikarp is as abudant as it is, because it's so weak.

But if Magikarp was so abundant so long ago, that would be very dangerous for their population and that of others. This is known as overproduction. This is because the Magikarp would be stronger and able to defeat modern predators, thus making the predator the prey.

Food Source Theory

Milions of years ago, Magikarp was more powerful. However, like humans, some were more powerful and some were weaker. The stronger ones would go out and get food for the community, while the weak ones stayed in the cove/bay/lake/etc.. It was working well, the strong would get first cut of the food and much respect, while the weak would stay at cove and take care of the eggs and young. There weren't as many eggs, as they didn't need as high a population. In some communities, it worked well. But in others, the system fell. This is what happened in the failed communities:

1)The strong would go out to get food.
2)New strong Pokémon would travel to the same food.
3)The two species will battle, and the Magikarp will lose.
4)The weak will be the only survivors, and the descendants will be weak like the parents.


Before humans knew about EVs and IVs, possibly even breeding, they captured all of the strongest Magikarp, taking them away from mates. They didn't breed them, instead they just rotted away and died. All that was left was a few weak Magikarp.

I have more theories, but they all just involve the strong dying and the weak surviving.

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