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  1. Fa La La La La..

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    What more can I say to spend this whole Christmas break with a joyful greeting:)

    My Christmas Break started last Wednesday and coming back after New Year is a bit early, I think. Hopeful I'll get all my assignments and activities done before New Years.

    Everything start good. Hang out with my High School classmates playing UNO cards and watch horror movies as our Christmas specialXD It was fun hanging out with family and friends. ...
  2. Finished!

    The risky, heart pumping exam was at last finished..but the worried and thrills haven't end up yet.
    I really feel in doubt yet still hoping and having faith in God. I knew prayers will be the answer..
    Just got home and haven't eaten my dinner yet. I'm still worried and annoyed at my answers..

  3. Countdown to Finals..(pt 1) XD

    A never ending finals.. no sem breaks, just full of chem problems..


    So it is up for us to practice in the morning for PE finals, and because of lacking members we tried to review in Gen chem lab instead.
    First semester is about to end (except for our classes though) but I still can’t recognize between the launge and canteen. It was embarrassing the time I saw Jefrey and I was like stepping on a rock making me almost slipped.And when I sliped a bit, I turned ...
  4. What's my choice?

    This keep me bugging and thinking what will I choice when enrolment comes in our place. I don't know, but I think college will take serious challenge..

    There are things that I and the other student will take and decide, like part of the academic subject but what will I take? Should it be a Community service training or Literacy service training..?

    Man, This makes me think hard and I don't even know what will I surely choose..

    -- ...
  5. Movie Watchers

    It's been three day after my graduation. Vacation is starting. April Fool's is finish, [though I didn't do any pranks to anyone]. Today is a different day for a start even though me and my batch mates we're going to see each other for that long.

    Even so, Me, the four of us did movie-watching. I know I'm a bit late of watching X-men First Class but we did get along well with each other. We did enjoy that day and I can't believe I'm reminiscing again after everything we did ...
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