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I'm ok with it..

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by , 19th March 2012 at 05:24 AM (167 Views)
Today is the day. The announcement we're all been waiting for. Actually, it was a good day start for and me and everyone else. One week more and graduation is about to come then we're off to a different step, walking with our courses..


This is it. Announcement of top 10 has arrived. My hands are getting cold but with no sense of nervousness. A greeted everyone with a smile and a shaky feeling. I took a look at my competitors as if they were so calm but deep inside there’s more from it. Not a moment, our Adviser start calling us in the computer room. The tally has been set. Grades in the particular subject were written on the white board. In the left corner of the board, there are letters from A-J as codenames of top 10 student in no particular order. (from the very start, me and my ‘’buddy’ is aware that it was arranged alphabetically order )’ON the right, there is the final rankings of top 10 graduating students. Along with parents, our adviser starts explaining.


1 hour and 30 minutes later, It is then finalized. Our valedictorian was supposed to be two but because of the other extra grades or known as co-curricular activities, it was been said that one of my alma mater classmate is been announced as the 1ST OR TOP RANK! I’m so glad, It was too close for us to have two valedictorians..tsk but I was a good match. It was also a tight battle between the two! I shake [almost] everyone's hand for congratulations and I could totally seeing them accepting it.. just like everyone..specially our top 10..:):)


Of course, why, me you ask? (or maybe not) I’m fine with the number 5..to be called as 3rd honorable mention. Besides that what I can do and maybe if it wasn’t for math, maybe I could take my rank to another level or to be rank 4..


Note:I guess this is just it.. Just wanna share this.. thanks for reading..(if anyone does)..

p.s Congratulations to Nico, Mark, Ahyie, Kervz, Cyin, Sean, Rap, Ira, and Ahvie and to everyone, who did their very best even for those who reached top 11 to 15. My warmest greeting for you guys..


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