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Help me!

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by , 22nd January 2013 at 05:30 AM (199 Views)
It's been a while since I post another journal, (and I don't know why I can't reset my blog profile design).

What a day of stressful moments. First, flunking score in Math then Midterms are coming.. I've been stressed out with my performance and score starting this 2013.

Oh yeah and by the way,..

I've been thinking about this lately, can somebody tell me or suggest an idea about a chem invention? Anything! Impossible or not as long as it's chem related stuff. Please? Thank you!

Review and Review again.


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  1. Vanillish Twilight's Avatar
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    I feel you, school is so stressful I should be working on an article for the school newspaper right now, in fact don't worry, though, just study a bit harder and maybe you can bring your grades up but yeah I get what you mean my Filipino grade went down six points D: and my literature grade went down by one point and I wanna be a writer and it's just like what but yeah... lol sorry, is this off topic? um, for the chem thing... lol, well I don't actually know a lot about chem because I'm only in first year so idk what would make a good experiment but maybe you can try rock salt + ice? what sorry if this didn't make sense or something just trying to help
  2. Vioxx's Avatar
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    Nah it's ok. I'm also a first year..(in college though) and I felt hard thinking about chem and math respectively. It's quite different, college is different and I exams are stressing out.

    Wait, Filipino? XD

    Just keep pursuing your writing skills, practice and keep writing and writing. Writing is a skill, and by practicing it, you can develope your writing abilities. I know you can be a good writer!



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