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Gen. Chem. Reactions

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After all the stress in the month of February comes a brand new challenge for every start of the week, and March isn't different from all the expectations we're all imagining.

I got the EPIC FAIL moment in our Lab today. Being a recorder is one of my hatest lab activity in the lab. For some reasons. Such reasons includes the type of calculation you were given and the fact that it is my waterloo.

I can't believe that I haven't checked all my computations that time. It was so embarrassing, facing the fact that you are giving the wrong data to your professors and she is starting to get into your nerves when you still give back the wrong data again and again. ( Yes, and I mean it, I was wrong). Putting the wrong input in the calculator is worst thing that ever happened to me that time and I really.. really hate. How clumsy I am!

Then, the main event we're all waiting and avoiding for.. The second long exam results. With doubt and expectation in our mind, we can't deny that we are unsure of passing the whole exam out. Some of my classmates skipped our last period (which is from 5pm to 7pm class) just to avoid hearing their score and ratings.

So when our Prof. starts calling our the names, one by one.. it brings a lot of nostalgic. I remember our first long exam which brought me into tears, and haven't get over that easily..took me 3 days to overcome that failing exam score until I aced the second long exam. either ways, I did took the removal exam last semester.

Heart's pounding, hands shaking, feet felt the slightly cold sensation of the window's glass surface because of the rainy season. That afternoon was shocking for almost all of the class. From the 50+ students, only 17 passed that second long exam. So much for good-start-of-the-new-year (AKA the first long exam). Now I came into the conclusion that our March month isn't that good.

We already expected it, though it was depressing. You know the answer, you know how to solved it, you know the idea behind it but it just doesn't work out with you that well.

After Chem , Calculus will make our brain bleed again plus the never ending planning and researching for our mini thesis..and a small publication. Oh yeah, the PE practice that we are all preparing for for March 15's culminating activity!

I think the stress is just starting, and things aren't turning that well to start with. I just hope I can still catch up with the whole University work and stuffs.

I felt bad and guilty at myself. This would Chem things is turning back from the start again, and I've got to change.

Uhg, so depressing..:(

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