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Fa La La La La..

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by , 26th December 2012 at 12:42 AM (166 Views)
Merry Christmas everyone!

What more can I say to spend this whole Christmas break with a joyful greeting:)

My Christmas Break started last Wednesday and coming back after New Year is a bit early, I think. Hopeful I'll get all my assignments and activities done before New Years.

Everything start good. Hang out with my High School classmates playing UNO cards and watch horror movies as our Christmas specialXD It was fun hanging out with family and friends. That's what makes it worth doing for.

It's fun giving token to every carolers, hearing those xmas songs that you can join in to.

On the other hand, since it's not snowing in our place, we had a Typhoon that cause a 2-in-a-row power interruptions.

I guess, despite of everything what happened, Let's not forget what Christmas is all about and Let's spend the love to everyone by sharing, giving and doing good.

I don't wanna make this too long so,Merry Christmas Forums Friends and Bulbagarden!

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