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''16 moment(s)''

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by , 21st February 2012 at 05:30 AM (150 Views)

I kept myself freaking out. My heart's beating fast like I was nervous before taking tests or exams or competitions. Well, it worse than that!I really don't know how to say what I really am that day but it was yesterday when I felt really awkward, but it didn't take too long:) Then it suddenly stops. As the clock strikes 12 in the morning , I wasn't all ''jet lag'' (like the song would say) instead I was calm. My nervousness is gone and I'm just ordinary like before. I felt the same thing when I woke up that day, 5:45am.. 21st of February 2012..

My sister greeted me when I woke up that day. I looked at her and said ''thank you'' and I'm off to eat my breakfast. Then I saw my aunt. She greet me too. I smiled and said thank you.

I get to say more thank you(s) when I went to school. There were two of my classmates who greeted me through a cell phone test message. I was about to reply it but I didn't have load that time. I just said thanks in my mind. Friends and classmates greeted me and as I run down the stairs from the second storey building, there were a couple of classmates of mine who greet the same thing. Some weren't quite sure if they'll greet me, some looked at me and asked me just to make sure they'll greet the same words right. I make a joke on saying.. ''NO'' and ''IT'S NOT''. Even my adviser can't believe that it was the day.. It all ended up of me saying thank you and smile, laugh with them to fit in.

Just in time in the afternoon, our group is assigned to bake a cake (in our TLE class, where we do all the cooking,baking etc.) Just in time for this special day..
While waiting for the cake, I passed by teachers on the hallway. There is a teacher who has the same birth date of mine. We greeted each other making others teachers curious. They actually can't believe that we have the same birth date. Some tried to ask me if there was a party, but I just smiled and said ''no, there weren't any''.

After waiting another minutes for the cake to be baked, we've finally said: YES!!! The cake is already baked at last! Cyrin, our group leader, tried to slice the cake. Our plan of eating it for our group changed into selling it. It was near to become a small party but its worth it. We ate some of it and feel the tastiness of the pastry. It was good. After that we soon went home. Others greeted me for the last time. Our group leader greeted too and thanked me and April for our help.


I would say, this wasn't the best of the best at least I could consider this as one of the best! My parents greeted me Happy Birthday! and it couldn't make me more overjoyed if it wasn't that! I must say, all of this wouldn't happened if it wasn't for God, so I thank God for everything that had happened today. I thank you for my parents, relatives, classmates and to those people around me and friends/ ( to those of my forum friends who had greeted me or yet to greet me) Thank you everyone! You made my day, this day complete...

Bday blogger,

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