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by , 30th July 2013 at 07:06 AM (227 Views)
JULY 7, 2013
A total black out, half day though.
I lighted up two candles. One on a glass container and plastic container. I let the one's candle edge on the edge of the plastic container. Then it was BURNING!
Only 1 bar left in my cell phone, one hour of internet and net book surfing remains. I was loosing up energy in gadgets. There was nothing let but my flashlight's on and candles lighting.

I'm glad there's an event in our college even though we still got classes.
I haven't reviewed properly, I hate it but I will try burning the midnight oil..XD
Half of the class didn't came in our Lit class. I'm still having difficulties in Calculus and Chem. I have little of the hope left up it still can be leveled up.

Up this point goodbye.

np: Shounen T's Goodbye Days and Bye Bye.

lol. I just realized this is a good theme for saying goodbye in the virtual world since there's a power interruption here.LOL

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