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  1. My Ideas for New Mega Evolutions #3: Lapras

    #131: Lapras
    Transport Pokémon

    Type: Water/Ice
    Stats: 130/85/80/85/95/60
    Abilities: Water Absorb/Shell Armor/Hydration (Hidden)
    Proposed Changes
    Design: The end of its horn is now ice, similar to Mega Glalie. It also has retractable ice spikes on its back. Its tail is longer and the end is now ice, and its flippers are now rectangular with two long triangular indents on the ends,
  2. Thoughts on the Pikachu Cup meta

    I've been playing a few Pikachu Cup battles on Showdown this morning, as the unique monotype-Electric metagame amused me enough to make me build a team. From ~10 battles I've seen the following:

    1) No one uses Electric attacks for damage. The only attack I've seen all morning was a Discharge used to heal the Volt Absorb Lanturn partner.
    2) As a result, Lightningrod and other similar abilties are not worth it. I've only seen Volt Absorb getting used the aforementioned way. ...
  3. Pokémon Subspecies: First Thoughts

    I've been thinking about the whole pokémon subspecies idea for a while now. I've always liked the idea of more variation in the appearance of pokémon, ever since I first saw EP083 (Poké Ball Peril), with the different colourations of the Butterfree, Vileplume, etc, etc. Presenting each species has having one “standard” and one rare “shiny” colouration has been a long-standing peeve of mine, particularly when the term “shiny” is used in all seriousness. It's unsurprising, then, that I ...
  4. Pokemon's Ten Most Disturbing Pokedex Entries

  5. PokeFriends and BulbaFriends runs: I am still here

    So I haven't posted anything for my friend runs in a week... I'm still alive! I haven't died and I haven't lost my games!

    Truth be told, I haven't been in a gaming mood as of late. I've played a little bit of Mario, messed around in Splatoon for 2 minutes, and played this weeks Tavern Brawl with Hearthstone... But I haven't played any Pokemon at all.

    Don't worry, they still exist and I still plan on doing a fanfic-style update for Steven in my Hoenn-friends run. ...
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