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  1. LeafGreen "Back To The Classics" Run

    Brought out the old DS, found my LeafGreen cartridge, stuck it in, and got to work. Was fun going through Kanto again.

    Date Started: May 13th, 2015
    Date Ended: June 12th, 2015

    A whole lot of hours played. Most of it grinding. Over 206 hours.

    Final Team:
    Blastoise (Level 60)
    Primeape (Level 60)
    Nidoqueen (Level 60)
    Ninetales (Level 60)
    Electrode (Level 61)
    Exeggutor (Level 60)

    What's next? ...
  2. hyrule warriors 2 fanfic, Overview

    by , 12th June 2015 at 07:52 PM (the diary of your average nintendo-sony fanboy)
    so, I had an idea for a multi-man fanfiction based off of the hit wii u crossover hyrule warriors, with a cycle of around 3-7 authors writing a chapter, and ALL weapons movesets and characters get represented at least once, with new stuff thrown in, (this includes DLC, amiibo, and the 3DS version, with some time for those characters in case it has more than the two leaked so far.)
    the exceptions are the final chapter, the epilogue, and the sequel hook if there's enough interest by the end ...

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  3. Going to University

    So I was accepted into the University of Texas at Dallas, and I'll be going there next fall. I'll be studying Arts and Technology with hopefully a minor in Creative Writing. Go, me.
  4. Yay, more school stuff!

    Yet another blog related to school. Basically, today is Valentine's Day in Brazil. In my school, when there's holidays or something else of significance, we have a "cultural break". The lunch break takes longer, and we have decorations and music. So today, there where pink ballons everywhere and some students were selling sweets. There were also two students who you could give love letters to and they would read them aloud with a microphone. Now for something that might be weird: they ...

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    School Stuff
  5. On this fine day

    So, who's excited for today?! I know I am, and it's actually got nothing to do with Jurassic World, 'cause it's my birthday now! I got a n3DS xl (the thing's sleek and the screens are absurdly huge. I like it.), 100 dollars, a Sonic amiibo, and five pounds of the best apple-smoked bacon that my family has ever eaten. I'm planning on getting Xenoblade Chronicles as soon as possible.

    On a less-important note: at present, my post count is 1 away from hitting a thousand. Nine hundred ...
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