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Jirachi's Wish

I've been bored with my life as of late

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I don't know why, it seems like everytime I try to attempt a project or something it dies a short while later. So I don't bother trying anything anymore and I've ended in a rut. If I try to do something I always know it will end in failure, but if I don't do something I get bored and want to do something. Yes I know why don't I make up my mind, well its a vicsious cycle for me. I mean a week or so ago I try to make a forum on game design with a friend and what happens? I setup everything, make all the stuff, etc. I don't get a reply from the friend from then to now after emailing them and telling them I made them admin and the place is setup. Failure!

Why is it? Because this always happens when I try making a forum or a website, the person I'm working with always slips away. So unless my friend replies I'm giving up on it. Another example is trying to make a damn level for SRB2, I rty making it nice and simple since it is my first level. Yet there is always some major problem or custom I've made doesn't work. Its so frustrating! I'm sick of trying to do stuff, because no matter what I always seem to fail. I mean looking at this blog entry I even feel that it will be a failure.

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  1. ChinYao's Avatar
    I have the same issue, but what helps is to set deadlines and dates for yourself. For a long time my own site was really inactive and pretty much forgotten, but since deciding to update every Sunday, it's been a lot better and I've kept up with it.

    When setting a project up, dates and deadlines or portions can be extremely helpful. Limit yourself to working on a specific project for one or two hours a day, so you don't lose interest as fast. Also, think of the end result and the reaction you hope to receive in the end, that also will help.
  2. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    i have a forum too which has to get up and going. I know how hard that is
  3. Jirachi's Wish's Avatar
    Yeah I guess having deadlines does help in keeping something alive. I do work on projects for quite a while per day. One or two hours would make it seem less a chore and would make it simpler to keep track of.


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