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  1. Oddity about Kalos legends

    Hi guys. Recently I noticed something about the legendary Pokemon in Kalos, except for Volcanion. Out of the six legends, five have a Baby/Cofined form and a Normal form, and four have a Baby/Cofined form, a Normal form and an Enhanced form. I know that some of these forms aren't obtainable in the games, but it's known that they are related due to official information. This classification is based on design and function, rather than Base Stat Totals. Let's take a look:

    Baby/Confined ...
    Pokemon species
  2. My greek brethren, let us mourne our loss-Nintendo is officially Dead in Greece

    Our 3DSes useless. Our Wii Us, dead. Pokemon 2016isnot gonna happen, unless we import. Screw NX, no next gen for us. God damn is this hurting pretty badly.
  3. Hrr grr...

    Ugh my friend, let's call her A, is driving me mad right now