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Miscallenous Lists

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by , 3rd June 2013 at 10:56 AM (113 Views)
Here's some miscallenous lists. These are; a list regarding Pokémon that can and can't learn Hyper Beam/Giga Impact, obselete TMs and Move Tutors and type combinations that are done but not done in the other order. Last one does not contain currently non-existant type combinations because you can find that list elsewhere if you look hard enough, though it might require a few alterations if it is not currently updated(damn you Helioptile). The other two are simply related to my previous blogs.

Currently I am felling very down. I finished my finals but I still need to complete a project and go to a make-up, and recently there has been major protests in my town, so I ate up lots of pepper spray and I'm feeling itchy and somewhat sleepy. If you have any suggestions, post them here because I can't and don't want to focus on my work currently.

I was planning to post some essay about the whole Fairy-type 'event'(I am surprised KYM haven't made an article about it, it will probably end up deserving one at the end), but whatever, GF is unwilling to talk about anything XY related as long as they can milk the social media hype train to its fullest. Here's hoping E3 Q&A will have some interesting info about the creative of process of this gen or the other generations, because we clearly aren't going to get anything obvious besides a new trailer and other standard information which we will partially get in the next Corocoro.
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