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Trainer Yusuf

End of the Summer of 2013, The Kernel of the Swirlix

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by , 1st September 2013 at 03:33 PM (2161 Views)
It's (frustration) tasting time, si'l vous plait.

Boy, was this the most aggressively mediocre summer I had. I could play nothing, because I was exhausted by my shoddy sleep schedule(that I am the only person to blame, as I spent most of my time listening to TGWTG videos and other related review shows and let's plays instead of actual work) at first, and then later my driving course took my time. Though I am currently partially unoccupied by it, I am now tasting the deeply confusing emotion of "So, what now?" which I really think should much more studied in popular culture for it's basic role in the human psyche as well as for this year. I also didn't watch much movies either until now, which was a grave mistake in my part.

Though when I started actually watching them, I used it primarily to expand my knowledge regarding life of Jesus Christ with Jesus Christ Superstar(though it was primarily for the amazing Carl Anderson); rekindle my interest in Mel Brooks with Blazing Saddles(which has been sitting outside of my drawer for a year now) and satisfy my interest in the adaptations of the Faust legend with Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau's visually influential 1926 prologue of Gen Urobochi's Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Faust(Faust - Eine Deustche Volkssage in German), and wow. It was actually quite great and one can see the influence it had on Shaft's work in PMMM and Disney's works in Night on the Bald Mountain in Fantasia and Prince Ali segement of the first Aladdin movie.

Speaking of PMMM, I tried to rekindle some of my interest in the show by reading to rest of the fanfics I took up reading during the show's run, Madoka Magica Veneficus Puella and Puella Magi Homura Magica... and found that they were both abandoned. Though TheOneModeriah gave good reasons why he has abandoned the fic(which can be found in his troper page and I agree, though I still think that premise is interesting enough to deserve a rewrite) and stated that he planned a rewrite which he also seems to abadoned for sake of other fics for the show(which I didn't read but will porbably read because it is hard to find a fanfic writer that has a roughly similar view on pop culture as yourself), I have no idea why Homura Magica got shafted by its creator because it was really fantastic, though the fanfic is less a magical tragedy like the original and more of a political drama with lesbians(and it actually includes a magical girl civil war, or rather wars which becomes the driving plot of the incomplete second part). Speaking of lesbians, the fanfic gets brownie points for doing many things right, but the fact it has a recurring straight character that is just virtuous, relevant and competent(but not necessarily powerful, which ends up more of a blessing than a curse) as the rest of the lesbian crew is much more important, since it was hard to find(if not outright impossible) such character in an enviroment like this-especially in a magical girl show- due to influence of Utena and the moe trend that was present in Madoka's time to begin with, but will also be more hard to find after the currently increased power of the previous moe trend and Madoka's own success. I would like to talk about it in more details and the things Veneficus Puella did very well, but that's for a different blog and a later date... probably next summer. You should totally read it though, even if it is incomplete and original characters in the fic will often take more spotlight and their power levels and game breaker abilities might throw off some people(even if the OCs have very obvious and easy to exploit flaws and are for the most part in the morally gray area unlike the Neutral Good Mitakihara crew, which is kind of the point since most of the other factions are compromised of shadow archetypes for the crew).

Now that's aside, let's talk Pokémon. I have to say, X and Y had most disappointing early release period(counting only the months near the releases, as otherwise D/P will have it due to that one year gap) as TPCi's new policy of silence has made the discussions duller than watching flies mate. Not only that, their insistence of releasing only bits and pieces of information due to worldwide release and their attempt capitilize on the hearsay capabilities of the social media to increase the hype and rumors died immediately flat as the mystery regarding Sylveon was revealed(because let's face it, only bery few people really cared about Mega Mewtwo, and even OLM Studios was not one of them). Due to the same worldwide release, the rumor mill ended up overworking and drying its own pool. That's not the say about the controversies we had in this summer, the case of the Fairy Queen Hiro, the case of WPM, MageLeif and Cheeky Demon Boy/Tai and the root_in_the_box's attack on the Pokémon websites and his currently obviously continuing theft of our personal information. This, coupled with my lurking in the /vp/ and Smogon's suspect testing threads and metagame discussions ended up as a semi-bittersweet journey that was more bitter than sweet. Though /vp/'s uncontrolled displays of emotion and Gen /vp/ project attracted me, the constant trolling, stupidity, unproductivity(well, except for Gen /vp/) and hypocritical snobbery was too much to handle, and the presence of circlejerking in even such a supposedly “open” place ended up making me face the music, and realize that these sins are the true kernel of the Pokémon fandom. But it also gave some sort of coziness for a while as I have virtually all of those traits just as raw rest of /vp/. My venture into /co/ was better, but the main attraction for me were the ever present Avatar threads but even though an actually active Avatar fandom sounded too good to be true, that too devolved into the same recycled topics eventually.

It didn't really help that BW went to the purest of filler sagas yet. In the pre-release period of Black/White I could occupy with the the league, but Decolora Adventures! just has nothing to offer and its metafictional realization of this fact with its devolution into yet another X/Y hype machine just ends up pissing me off a bit(but not too much, as it increases the pre-release moves we see from the Gen VI Pokémon). It also doesn't help that there is no next big thing[except Shingeki no Kyojin, which didn't leave a huge impression on me mostly due to JesuOtaku and Y Ruler of Time's comments regarding it. It isn't something that will change the shonen or horror tropes for years to come, it is just a unique shonen show and manga with a unique premise and look(but apparently a very cheap one for the TV series, if JO is to be believed). It has the contender for best TV size opening though with its first opening, though. However the full version isn't that good.] and the largest pop cultural artifacts of the previous two years(has it been tha long? I feel old) have lost glimmer(pretty much nobody besides me is currently talking about Madoka) and other pop culture in general artifacts are gradually losing their shelf period which is just depressing. I guess I could also check other stuff I missed(like other older movies or other animé I plan to watch like Ao no Exorcist and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei to honor my previous discussions with Sombra29 or complete my Teen Titans marathon) but I am too lazy.

Or I could stop whining and try to get some real friends and learn to grow up. I could accept my growing taste for drama and misery, and take the cycle of misery and hope as a fact... Naah, later. First I need to expand on Shinneth's idea of Iris as the Dragon Jesus and detail the events of her life from the temptations by Kriemhild Gretchen, to betrayal of Georgia Iscariot, to her mute stance towards King Harley and his niece-wife, to being presented by Colress Pilate for the Dragon Villagers to her death at the Cross Thunder. Or I could make Conway play Faust just to have scene where Paul transforms from a black Swirlix and have some justification to draw Gösta Ekman, Sr.'s fabulous hat/cape combo from Murnau's adaptation.

I also added some more stuff in my DropBox or something. Whatever.

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