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Trainer Yusuf

BW090: 9 is a rather phallic number.

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by , 3rd August 2012 at 07:57 AM (361 Views)
My God was this a massive pile of dissapointment.

First initial set-up was very well done. Trip's increased creepiness towards Alder is very nice as it finally gives him some plot and BW some continuity. Dawn's interactions with Burgundy was nice and her reaction towards Georgia was decent.

The battle between Caitlin and Cynthia was surprisingly well done. I really loved their entrances, and how they both have roses, Caitlin appearing inside a (GIANT MECHANICAL) purple one and Cynthia having a dark gray one on her cape. Battle played out surprisingly well too, though that might be KeyHoleTV's lack of quality masquerading Takashi Shinohara's constantly changing in quality animation. I loved the fact Caitlin actually gave Cynthia a real fight after all these years since Infernape vs. Garchomp, and of course the fact that it ended in a time-out. Caitlin and Cynthia's interactions with each other and the way they played off were really nice. Definately one of the highlights of the BW. I also like Dawn and Iris reactions while watching the fight. I don't get why it was necessary to see Gothielle's underskirt though. I am personally kinda dissapointed that Caitlin didn't turn out to be a total spoiled bitch like she is in games, but I can live without it.

Mid battles were not even battles. DBT had more one screen battles that had more going on them. However I liked the fact they didn't go the obvious route and give most people Pokémon that you would expect them to have. Too bad almost all of the one-off characters have incredibly simplistic and bland designs(on the other hand, the people in the crowd have much more interesting designs than you would see in any other tournaments). I did like the fact Trip finally used a Status move(besides Bulk Up). I forgot what those looked like. I would like the battle more if there was more character interaction going on between Trip and Burgundy, but really there wasn't much going on besides standard fare(well, standard for Burgundy that is). It was still decent, but something I would clap the writers for accomplishing such a great thing. I did like Trip gets more set up with his story for Alder through one-shotting(or rather two-shotting) Hihidaruma and the fact Trip immediately blocked Burgundy's stock animation with his own stock animation(much like Watashi Makenai was stopped midway through when it turned out Wigglytuff could still fight in Harley and May's Kanto GF battle), but that's pretty much it.

Tsurara Bear vs. Kami Ryu... Wow this was bad. There is really so much that can be said about this one, yet I find so little words on how to describe it. This is bad. Really bad. First of all, the interaction between Georgia and Iris. There is definately a grown respect between each other, much like Burgundy and Cilan, but it is so little, and writers(or just Junki Takegami) have so little desire to actually develop any of the two rivalries besides an endless stream of running gags, it is just very, very sad. Well, not really, if you look at their initial banter, you will see in one scene Iris and Georgia are having the same poses during Ursula and Dawn's poses respectively in their pre-GF battle banter.

Now to get actual battle, wow this was bad. I liked the fact Beartic has Focus Blast now, it solidifies his role as the ripoff of Paul's Ursaring and evil counterpart of Iris' Excadrill. That's pretty much it. I have no idea why it was given solely special attacks for no good reason however. However, that is not even a problem, that's just my nitpicking. Let's go deeper.

The biggest problem here Dragonite literally one-shots Beartic. While unlike Shinneth I don't think Georgia having a goal to defeat dragons necessarily makes her super special awesome at defeating Dragons(because let's face it, she is here to lose against Iris, the only difference she has over Ursula and Harley is she willingly does this so Iris can reach her actual potential), this is just bad. If Dragonite had more struggle or Beartic managed to stand it's hits better, then this episode might not be as bad, but it wasn't. Funnily enough, how this episode played out disturbingly mirrors how Brianna vs. May did. Takegami-san, stop reinforcing my fanon ideas.

Another compeletely pointless thing was they actually made it look like there was an actual struggle, and Dragonite was actually listening to Iris briefly. This makes no sense whatsoever for many, many reasons. First of all, Georgia is proud that Iris actually has an actual dragon, which makes her being used as a supposed threat that Dragonite should make a comeback against rather rubs me in the wrong way. Am I supposed to be rooting for Dragonite solely because he has upcoming toys? Even if this is all his own fault? Even when there was nothing for Dragonite to lose as he was unfazed by anything Beartic threw at him? Even when Dragonite defeated Beartic without even bothering? Even when biggest thing Iris did entire episode was being a bitch to Georgia and just screaming commands? Even when Dragonite clearly still doesn't listen to her, hence why the next episode exists in the first place? No. Just, no.

The battle could be redeemed by many fac tors. Georgia comments could have been shown that they have changed from what she said to Iris way back in DBT, Beartic and Dragonite could have shown their interesting personalities more, comments from sidelines could have been interesting and different from standard. But no, none of those happened. Iris was congratulated for using Dragonite, and Georgia sucked Takegami's balls.

I really, really wanted to find things that I liked about this episode, and I did, but none of them were about the supposed main event. This episode certainly came out completely different from what I expected, but in the worst way imaginable, besides Caitlin vs. Cynthia. There wasn't even much entertainment value I got due to not so above average animation and mediocore writing.

On the other hand, next episode looks pretty good, and I am definately stoked for that one.

PS: Next time around I may do either a few LoK blogs, watch Donamite and Dragonite's capture episodes, make a rant for Burgundy, make the dub comparison I promised to make and stuff. And probably a free for all for people to write in how they feel about me. It will depend on how my schedule will go and how I feel. And whether or not I will enter an university next year. Till then, see ya, and may the schwartz be with you.
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  1. HumanDawn's Avatar
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    Georgia sucked Takegami's balls.
    Never change.
  2. Gengarzilla's Avatar
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    My thoughts exactly. This episode was lackluster at best.
  3. Tsutarja's Avatar
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    @Trainer Yusuf; Georgia did say that she didn't lose to Iris but her Dragonite, she didn't congratulate Iris on her win. :/
    Trainer Yusuf likes this.
  4. Trainer Yusuf's Avatar
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    @Tsutarja I know, that's the point. They really made Georgia's comment not much more than a running gag. Even if Iris legimately knows she is right, it still doesn't hold much in the plot at large.

    At least, not for now. Surely, her comments will have more impact on the series when we see her backstory, as for Junior Cup, it's not necessarily big of a thing when her friends are congratulating her victory, a victory she didn't put much effort in.

    On the other hand, her current loss and comment will most likely have an impact on the next episode, hence why I am hyped for it. For this single episode? Unfortunately not.


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