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  1. tfw hungry but no food

    Ugh. Thankfully, will be getting some money on the 5th, so might not have to be in this situation for long. Theoretically a yway. But for now, exhuasted and just watching Touhoumon streams on my Wii U because my computer still refuses to cooperate.
  2. Special Event

    Okay guys this is going to be a special event that i am doing. I am not making a trade thread for this because it will be until i run out of pokemon. I will be wonder trading all the pokemon in Box 1 of my PC. There are some good ones. In one hour is when i will start wonder trading. If you manage to get one of the pokemon i am wonder trading please leave a comment below and say which one you got.

    Luvdisc, Weedle, Nincada, Pluslex2(male,female), Whismur, Zigzagoon, ...
  3. Ampiomach Academy

    Hello, friends, romans, nerds. I'm Derry, but most people here would remember me as Dermodio or just Modio. And by most people, I mean people who've been on this forum for ages. I'll be honest, I haven't been properly active on the forums for... darn, it must have been 3 years. Heck, I missed my fifth Bulbaversary a few months ago. But today, I have a very good reason to be here. This day, 4 years ago, I set up the start ups for a Roleplay, Ampiomach Academy. And it wouldn't be a stretch to say ...
  4. My Digimon Fan-Fic is coming along nicely...

    I'm back in the writing mood, and finished the first chapter of my Digimon story:


    Chapter 2's coming along well, and should be up by tomorrow. Any Digimon fans here, I'd like to see check it out and provide feedback.

    While the basic premise is akin to Adventure, which I did on purpose since I wanted there to be a bit of nostalgia and familiarity, in my mind I'd say the story is a bit more along the ...
  5. Is this good or bad?

    okay i have been doing random wonder trades on my Omega Ruby cartridge.

    What i got in the past hour:
    Charmander with Pokerus
    Gyrados with Pokerus
    Lucario with Pokerus
    Ralts with Pokerus
    Whole bunch of eevees
    5iv-6iv pokemon
    HA pokemon
    HA 5iv-6iv pokemon

    So are these results good or bad?

    i got like 2 plusles, 5 zigzagoons, 10 wurmples, ...
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