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  1. One more Salvia/Ursula connection

    by , 17th March 2014 at 04:59 PM
    I already posted much stuff in between about the two in my discussions with Iteru, and I'm obviously going to discuss this more in depth when I talk about Ursula's party's theme much later down the road, but I was rewatching DP161, DP162 and DP171 and I realized something further besides their overall clothing and respectative chokers which are the same in design but in opposite in color(I WONDER WHAT THAT'S IMPLYING.):

    Salvia's casual dress' earring(s) matches Ursula's ribbons... ...
  2. Your waifu can't be this cute.

    by , 27th February 2014 at 02:39 PM
    Holy Arceus, you guys. It finally happened. I can finally romance my waifu,

    Edit: Wow, I was sure I was gonna get Ursula, but I got Burgundy instead. Eh, close enough.
  3. So, does anyone have a good fanfic recomendation that focuses on an adult character?

    by , 25th November 2013 at 04:16 PM
    Or just good fanfic recommendations in general. I want to expand my horizon beyond the stuff that focuses the basic coming-of-age stories or personal relationships of teen characters in hypothetical settings, and I only managed to find a few those, at least on TVTropes. And the only one I very distinctly remember that wasn't one of those was one about Looker and Crogunk meeting with Sinnoh Legendaries(which was quite awesome but I can't be bothered to find a link, it was on Fanfiction.net though ...
  4. End of the Summer of 2013, The Kernel of the Swirlix

    by , 1st September 2013 at 03:33 PM
    It's (frustration) tasting time, si'l vous plait.

    Boy, was this the most aggressively mediocre summer I had. I could play nothing, because I was exhausted by my shoddy sleep schedule(that I am the only person to blame, as I spent most of my time listening to TGWTG videos and other related review shows and let's plays instead of actual work) at first, and then later my driving course took my time. Though I am currently partially unoccupied by it, I am now tasting the deeply confusing ...
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