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  1. In need of relationship advice

    So, uh, I've got a bit of a problem, Bulbagarden. I'm slowly trying to make myself part of this community again, so I figured I'd go to you guys for advice, since what I love about this place is that it attracts all walks of life (bound by one common interest), so multiple opinions and all that.

    I have this girlfriend, see. I've been dating her for a little over a month. Keep in mind I don't exactly have many years under my belt.

    A bit of background: I just had a drudgingly ...
  2. After numerous posts in that one F&G thread...

    OK, I've posted numerous times in that thread in F&G and not a single one has recognized my avatar. So I'll ask y'all here, do any of you know what my avatar is (not the Cubone)? I guess I'd understand if you didn't, but I'd be a little sad.
  3. Hey everyone

    I haven't blogged since February.

    Well, actually, I've barely even logged on since February.

    Fear not, I have a reason. One slightly pathetic, one that might just be passable.

    You all probably haven't noticed, but I'm a pretty sentimental person. I like to mark occassions and make them special. So, I was fretting over what to do for 100 blog entries. I've been concerned about that for a while. So, I posted nothing at all. Twitter is probably a better ...
  4. I appear!

    Once a Bulbapedian, then a forum-goer, and then nothing, I'm CuboneKing, and I'm here to answer some age-old questions asked in the comments section in a blog post of mine from August. August. Um. Here goes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Baron Brixus
    Do you plan to take over 'pedia?
    Nah, that plan's been aborted.

    Quote Originally Posted by !Tommy
    Do you think I'm awesome? :D
    Some things are better left unsaid. KIDDING, kidding. As a matter of fact, I do. :D

    Quote Originally Posted by Zenax
    Why are you in so many people's blog?
  5. So it was my birthday, and I figured...

    ..That I should stop by Bulbagarden to fufill my promise to return sometime this eternity.

    Greetings, everyone. Just wanted to tell you all that I'm still alive. My questions from the previous blog entry shall be answered soon. Until then...
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