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Breakups suck.

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by , 23rd February 2011 at 12:30 AM (313 Views)
I would know.

I just went through one.

My ex-girlfriend went somewhere with her friend over the weekend. As I've heard, she spotted some guy at least two years older than her that apparently was "hot". Muscular, as I've heard.

The rest of the accounts I've picked up all smash into each other, but apparently I'm "dirt" compared to him. I'm physically weak, sure. But "dirt"? Tsk tsk. Shallow. I'm probably 50 times smarter than him. Call me a nerd, but...

Her feelings for me instantly vanished, for some guy she doesn't stand any sort of chance with. One she'll probably never see again.

So she broke up with me at school the next day, today. She said we could remain friends, but really, since when have post-breakup friendships worked?

That's not even the bad part. I took the news in stride, but then I realized something bitter.

She's been using me the whole time.

Soon after we officially got together, she declared suicidal thoughts. Naturally, I protected her on the controversy that followed among our mostly-mutual friends. That made me nearly lose all my friends. I warned her about where this could go, but she ignored me.

My ex's comments flared up the temper of two girls who I shall not describe. I suspect one of them of having a crush on me. Anyway, the two of them were the two who were at the front of the controversy, saying some admittedly mean comments along the way.

The school seized them and they were both suspended.

Just because I protected my ex, they were suspended. Looking back on it, I was a pawn in getting those two girls suspended.


What worries me most though is her new "interest". My ex is pretty gullible, I'll admit, and has fallen into the grip of a predator before, potentialy getting raped. If she pursues her interest on muscular, older, "hotter" guys, who knows who she could fall victim too? And is there anything left I can do to cool down the conflict?

Oh, what to do...

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  1. Kars's Avatar
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    god dam bro

  2. ShadowDeeps's Avatar
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    • permalink
    D: I hope she becomes cognizant of the mistake she made and gives you another chance soon.
  3. RaccoonGoon's Avatar
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    • permalink
    No, don't ;isten to ShadowDeeps, you don't want another chance with a whore like her.
  4. CuboneKing's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Yeah, sorry Shadow, I know you mean well as always, but RacoonGoon's right.


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