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  1. Leaving

    All right, well, everyone who cares, I'm leaving Bulbagarden forums. I'm just not using this thing anymore... >_< I'm sorry.

    So, seey'all! I shall never be seen again as Kari on these forums. D;
  2. Hello

    What's up? Nothing much over here.
    This is going to be my little introduction thingie.
    So, on here, my name is Kari. IRL, My name is Elizabeth. Stick with the first one, please.
    I am 11 years old. Soon to be 12. On January 20, actually.
    I'm blonde and blue-eyed, a little over 5 feet, and totally insane.
    When I'm sad, I'm really sad (as some people know) but have a tendency to overreact.
    I cry easily, but you don't want to mess with me.
    I'm ...

    Updated 15th January 2010 at 04:30 PM by Kari