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  1. [HGSS Talk] Rematch with Blue.

    Green Blue is fun to battle in the rematch. High levels, varied team, and, I think, a smarter AI than the rest of the Gym Leaders.

    [Pre-Sunday Night]

    Whatever… Don’t worry about me.
    I’m doing peachy over here!
    If it’s not Sunday night, then I’m not available. Call then or forget about it!

    [Sunday Night]

    Whatever… Don’t worry about me.
    I’m doing ...
  2. [HeartGold Talk] Blue's Number.

    It took me awhile to get Green's Blue's number from Daisy. I was amused by the second half of her talk-- It almost seems like she's trying to set you up on a date with her brother or something.

    You are really into grooming!
    Would you like my kid brother’s number?
    He is the Gym Leader at Viridian City.
    Have you challenged him?
    Do you want to register him?


    Give him a call when you ...
  3. [HeartGold Talk] Dragon Den Battle & Erika's Number.

    My favorite dialogue scenes, so far, of HeartGold. NPC development and interactions are fun. And so is Erika snarking on Clair.

    Silver: [!]
    Are you here to make fun my training?
    I took my time coming all the way here, but the Master won’t tell me anything, and he’s making a big deal out of it…
    So I decided to train my Pokémon here instead.

    Silver: [!]
    Lyra: [!]

  4. [Villa Talk] Byron and Cynthia.

    Byron: You're acquainted with a fellow named Riley, aren't you?

    He's a mystifying sort, that one.

    I have no idea how old he is, to tell you the truth.

    [Going by the official artwork of Riley I was a bit surprised at this from Byron, especially since he did ask him to be a Gym Leader, you'd think he'd know his age..]


    Cynthia: Oh...?
    This is a good piano.

    I love the sound ...
  5. Hmm.

    Games I have:
    Pokémon Blue
    Pokémon Yellow
    Pokémon Silver
    Pokémon Crystal
    Pokémon Ruby
    Pokémon Emerald
    Pokémon LeafGreen
    Pokémon Pearl
    Pokémon Platinum
    Pokémon Battle Revolution

    I'll likely post things that interest me, and bits that I'd like to remember.