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by , 20th December 2010 at 01:21 AM (608 Views)
Dusknoir is officially one of the most useful Pokemon in Platinum.

First off, Dusknoir's line typically has extremely high defenses. It has so many priority attacks at its disposal such as Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak, and Sucker Punch as a tutor move in Platinum which pretty much makes up for its low speed.

-Also on the topic of speed, Dusknoir is an amazing Trick Room user. Using Dusknoir and Trick Room in a double or triple battle with slow teammates is a great strategy. Even better if said teammates know a move such as Surf since Dusknoir will take hardly any damage.

In-game, the Dusknoir line pwns. They won't go down easily because of their defenses. They have type advantages over Fantina, Maylene, Lucian, and arguably Dahlia's first set of Pokemon.

Did I also mention that Dusknoir can learn Rock Smash, Strength, and Flash? Not much, but still quite a few helpful moves.

Lastly, a Sassy natured Dusknoir is pretty much the best you can get for the species. Sassy natured Pokemon get their Sp. Defense raised and Speed lowered. Great for a Trick Room using Dusknoir. Sassy natured Pokemon also prefer bitter Poffin and berries, so they do well in Smart contests. Perfect for a Sassy Dusknoir with Trick Room/Shadow Punch/Sucker Punch/Shadow Ball. All of the moves are smart except for Trick Room which may help in contests since all the other moves rely on turn-based strategies.

...I was playing my new JP Platinum and happened to make this observation...

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  1. DarkShadowJake's Avatar
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    I love Dusknoir too. Sweeped my cousin once with her.
  2. Cyber Jet's Avatar
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    Dusknoir is a epic pokemon i must say that.

    But its hp stat lacks quite a bit.
  3. Angad's Avatar
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    Shadow Punch isn't Priority.
  4. #Daisuke#'s Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Password
    Dusknoir is a epic pokemon i must say that.

    But its hp stat lacks quite a bit.
    Its high defenses make up for its HP. :D


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