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by , 23rd May 2010 at 05:59 PM (422 Views)
Does anyone else think that Dawn has at least a slight chance of staying for Isshu?

I mean there are quite a few things pointing to it:

-Brock might be leaving according to that preview. Black/White might be replacing him, sao then Dawn can stay as the 'traditional' coordinator of the group.

-Dawn has yet to defeat her main rival, Zoey. Even though it may not be the biggest thing, it's never happened to any other characters. Ash defeated Gary and May defeated Drew, Dawn hasn't. It's like she hasn't recieved proper closure yet.

-Kenny wants Dawn to go with him. So he battles Ash, if Kenny wins Dawn 'has' to go with him. Dawn seems like she doesn't know what to do. She obviosly doesn't go with Kenny...

-Dawn can always be there to advertise GenIV, which is on the same console as BW. DPPt are very marketable games, why discontinue even slight advertisement.
They can always advertise BW and just throw in little hints of DPPt here and there.

Well, maybe I'm just looking to far into this because I want Dawn to stay.

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  1. Garrett Givre's Avatar
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    Shes a goner.
  2. double trouble!'s Avatar
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    I'd like her to stay, but I'm afraid she'll be gone.
  3. Jabberwocky's Avatar
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    She's leaving. End of story.

    The reasons you give are weak, and besides, Dawn'll probably show up in the middle of Isshu for her cameo, like Misty and May.
  4. Kasumi's Avatar
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    She's leaving. Her time as a DPPt advertising tool is ending.


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