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Confirmed English Names

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by , 26th November 2010 at 01:42 AM (172 Views)
I know that this is old news, but oh, the English names of my precious Isshu starters.

Snivy? Meh. Basically the same as my suggestion of Snakivy. Just without the "ak" in it, and less appealing to me.

Tepig? Very bland if you ask me. At least Pignite had a nice ring to it. Saying Tepig is like saying "HAY LOOK! IT'S TEH PIG!!!"

And Oshawott? OMIGOD, TPCi, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY POOR MIJU?!?!?! Oshawott is just a cluster of various words and doesn't sound cute like Mijumaru did. Why did it have to be poor Miju? ;_;

And finally Unova. Unova sounds cool on its own, I admit. Though, it just sounds odd as the name of a main series region. Unova would've gone well for a region in the Pokemon Ranger series. Almia, Oblivia, Unova. See?

*Sigh* I am disappoint.

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    I completly agree with you.


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