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Pokemon Anime

Consider this category a part of my blog's Pokemon category. I love the anime so much I thought it deserved one on its own! Expect my two cents on new episodes, plotlines, Dawn, etc.

  1. Really...?

    Really...? Those CoroCoro scans about those Dawn and Brock specials may have been faked...?


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  2. Just...wow...

    I'm surprised at the amount of people that hate Dawn and DP. I've never seen so many people admitting their dislike for them until today. All I can say is...wow.

    I just don't understand. DP was a major improvement ober the previous sagas and Dawn was overall very likable, IMO.

    Updated 16th November 2010 at 11:48 PM by #Daisuke#

    Pokemon Anime
  3. Dawn...

    Does anyone else think that Dawn has at least a slight chance of staying for Isshu?

    I mean there are quite a few things pointing to it:

    -Brock might be leaving according to that preview. Black/White might be replacing him, sao then Dawn can stay as the 'traditional' coordinator of the group.

    -Dawn has yet to defeat her main rival, Zoey. Even though it may not be the biggest thing, it's never happened to any other characters. Ash defeated Gary and May ...

    Updated 16th November 2010 at 11:49 PM by #Daisuke#

    Rants , Pokemon Anime