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This is my blog of randomness. Here I chat about Pokemon, the forum, life, blah blah blah...xD

  1. URPG Stuffz

    by , 1st May 2010 at 09:45 PM (Randomness)
    IM me if you want to battle me.

    Current Rules:
    • 1v1
    • AIM
    • Basics
    • DPPt
    • Challenger finds ref
    • AIM: MissyBerlitz
    • No items/holds
  2. So...

    by , 29th April 2010 at 01:39 AM (Randomness)
    Okay, I had this sinus infection. Tomorrow I go back to school. :( And...I've beaten HeartGold 5 times and SoulSilver twice. And I'm a Chosenshipper. Two bad Blue wasn't in HGSS. :( I wanted to battle her. And so...that's it.