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Electric Cirno

3rd Bulbaversary

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It's been this long? Wow! How about a brief timeline?
9/9/09: I joined. Cirno Day.
2/3/10: joined RM
9/9/10: First Bulbaversary
some other things like battling and vB4
9/9/11: Stuff, had to leave
Spring/Summer 2012: returned
9/9/12: today!

It's been a while. People new arrived, people old have left but you're all cool. I love you all.

In commemoration, I'm playing White again and named the PC, Stella and the Tepig is called Ryder (after Samuel Ryder, the guy who donated/named the Ryder Cup and my school's namesake and mayor of St Albans from a long time ago). Can people give me any suggestions for possible team members and nicknames too (I'm great at nicknames but I'm letting you choose!). Thanks.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary!
  2. Electric Cirno's Avatar
    Thank you.


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