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Electric Cirno

  1. 3rd Bulbaversary

    It's been this long? Wow! How about a brief timeline?
    9/9/09: I joined. Cirno Day.
    2/3/10: joined RM
    9/9/10: First Bulbaversary
    some other things like battling and vB4
    9/9/11: Stuff, had to leave
    Spring/Summer 2012: returned
    9/9/12: today!

    It's been a while. People new arrived, people old have left but you're all cool. I love you all.

    In commemoration, I'm playing White again and named the PC, Stella and the Tepig is ...
    Sylver stuff
  2. Friendly class, Day 1!

    Hello people. I would like to say 1st proper blog.
    Now onto business.

    I'm Mr. Sylver and I'll be your teacher for this class. We will be learning friendliness and it's perks.

    Our first topic is confidence.

    Confidence is Key. Without confidence you wouldn't be able to approach people thus you won't have friends. You must control your confidence to a good level so that aren't too shy or too arrogant. ...