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OMG WAT DO? (Advice please.)

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by , 9th January 2013 at 07:13 PM (283 Views)

I finally logged onto the Dream World with my White 2 game. I was very disheartened to find I had to start ALL OVER AGAIN. 25,460 dream points, a beautiful house, a cornucopia of berries and dream pals...ALL GONE.

A) Should I keep playing my Black DW account? I don't play on my Black cartridge anymore :/


B) Cut my losses, transfer all my items to my Black game, and leave Black DW behind? Including my awesome Dream Pals?

Guys, I'm super heartbroken.

Srsly, wat do?
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  1. Durbe's Avatar
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    Just do what I do and alternate between DWs. It's simple to do. put a poke to sleep play in DW wake it, then switch games and repeat until you run out of games to use.
  2. Water Max's Avatar
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    I have Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 and try to use all 4 Dream World account each time I log into the Global Link.
  3. yourlilemogirl's Avatar
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    I tried alternating between my W1 and W2 DW accounts, i eventually stopped going onto my W1 when i had no more pokemon left to catch, and now that I pretty much have all the DW females from W2, i kinda just stopped going on that one too back in Dec. :/ It's hard to stay motivated to go on when nobody ever waters your berries anymore :c

    PS. there IS a way for you to befriend the same DW pals your B1 cart has if you decide to ditch it for your other game, though it mostly rides on your DW pals wanting to befriend your other cart in the process.


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