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My first trip to Johto!!

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when i first played the Gen II was amazing..probably the best gaming experience i've had in my life..They took pokemon to a whole new level...the biggest thing that i loved was offcourse a new region and new pokemon...the fact that there was night and day..and the fact that you got to go back to the Kanto region..i've actually played soulsilver and i liked's like a good remix to one of my favorite songs...the fact that technology and the pokemon games have evolved since then, is awesome..i hope to all those who never played gold and silver like these upcoming was great going back to johto and well i guess i'mma go back on sunday!!

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  1. SharKing's Avatar
    I loved playing Gold, Silver, and Crystal. (I still have a working Silver.) I got the Japanese version of HeartGold, and despite the differences, it was really nostalgic.
  2. theugly773's Avatar
    yea dude i passed the johto part of soulsilver in a jap/ english patched game its reall cool too bad the technology wasnt like this back then...


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