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These are some quotes that I find funny or epic. I'll put them here so my sig isn't crowded. I might add more every once in a while.


Quote Originally Posted by My friend
Succeeding is not enough, others must FAIL.
Quote Originally Posted by Battle Girl Heather
One day I'm gonna wake up strapped to a bed with my Ampharos painting my toenails.
Quote Originally Posted by Coasting Wingull
Hold on... Your computer found a condom?
Quote Originally Posted by Shiay
Quote Originally Posted by Bayl
Wow. I thought people's middle names being the same as Pokemon species was rare. My aunt's middle name is Infernape.
Quote Originally Posted by GlassMan
On a side note, I have a Pikachu named "SparkyTaco". It's much sexier than "Sparky"
Quote Originally Posted by System Error
In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a few people have had their eyes poked out by a rogue cut fingernail flying into their retinas! Not that it's a worry for me, but hey, with these bastards, you never know!
Quote Originally Posted by JakeSkittle
Burned Tower. Bell Tower. Sprout Tower.

Burned Bellsprout.
Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gates
Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one.
Quote Originally Posted by Chao-der!
"To make a complete guide of all the Pokémon in the world, that was my dream" - Sorry Professor Oak, that was in vain, there's a little thing called bulbapedia...
Quote Originally Posted by Aruscio
Cheese, cheese, motherfuckin' awesome cheese... How I love you so!
Quote Originally Posted by Another Stranger Me & NiGHTS
NiGHTS:I promise that I will give everyone cookies. And kiss puppies on their forehead.

Another Stranger Me: ...and kitties, and rabbits, and fishies, and leeches, and grasshoppers, and snails, and chickens, and axolotls, and Homer, and Oreo Cakesters, and Whataburgers, and pizzas, and water, and Waldo, and SaturnYoshi, and double-rainbows, and Deepercutt, etc...
Quote Originally Posted by Zodiac
Here's a little ditty for that mayor meme.

The mayor's in the house,
The mayor's in the house.
Heigh-ho, the derry-o,
The mayor's in the house!

What, the meter matches.
Quote Originally Posted by Fairy Red View Post
...I was extremely furious, to say the least. How the flipping HELL can Focus Band activate 6 fucking times in a row?! That is blatant hax in the COM's favor if I ever saw one! When I calmed down, I took my all-Arceus team and creamed Waterfall Colosseum. But thinking about that, makes me SEETHE.


Quote Originally Posted by Poltergeist
Having the world know that I'm into pokemon doesn't embarrass me. If anything, it makes me feel even more badass.

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